I am Deanna and a momma of 3. A spunky 3 year old named Olivia and my baby twins (twintastic duo)..Emily & Nathan.

I am a stay at home mom, and WOW it is hard.

I began my photo journey in high school taking the oh so fun dark room class. I loved it. I loved what I created and I loved that people loved what I created!

Of course after I graduated high school I missed that class, I missed the dark room. What did i do? I enrolled in the photography course at our local community college and guess who was my teacher...MY HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER! I was so excited to be back in the same dark room again. I graduated and got my certificate in photography....then more dark room. I decided to get my own and I loved it. I would spend hours in complete darkness enjoying my art. Then  we moved and I never set it back up...then I had kids..then you know the rest...NO TIME!

I of course bought a digital camera and enjoyed what I did..but it wasn't the same..not to me anyways.

well,  bought a better camera and editing software for the computer and I am learning to love digital.

The dark room equipment is still in my basement and I still have hopes of setting it up again, but I am really getting into this digital thing:)

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