Friday, March 22, 2013

Sleeping babies

What is it about a sleeping baby that makes a momma grab her camera and race to get some shots before her little angel wakes up. Normally I am the last one up in the morning..the sound of the twins talking in their cribs and my oldest walking around the house gets me up..but the last two mornings my one twin has been sound asleep...even while her brother is talking to be right beside her and my oldest is handing him toys. After noticing she was snoring, I had to grab my camera and take advantage of this. *I am NEVER this lucky*

After 2 months of her getting her knee stuck in her crib rails..she has been demoted to her pack n play. Just one more thing to put in their tiny room filled with 2 cribs already and toys galore. Hopefully she will chunk up and not get stuck anymore..although, I am starting to think this is her way of getting Daddy and I to race into her room and save her at night.

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