Sunday, April 21, 2013

Can't get enough Lilith?

So, you say you can't get enough Lilith? Well, alright then! 
Went by to visit the little angel the other day and of course my van was loaded with 
all my props...THEN Mommy and Daddy let me baby sit her while they went out and as soon as they drove away the ideas hit me! I had been itching to try the "baby asleep in chair" photo I saw on pinterest from 4theloveoffocus , little Lilith didn't even budge:) Perfect little lady. 
This child is going to become very use to the camera very fast! I am already planning her 1 month shoot!

For this adventure I brought along my oldest..
1-because she wanted to see Lilith
2- because the twins were napping when I left and I wanted hubby to have a quiet few hours to himself...
Well, Olivia was into everything, was mad I wasn't letting her be the photographer and at one point she kissed/licked/ate the Lilly flowers in the room..what do you think?

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