Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Olivia Olivia...
My first daughter. 
I remember when I was pregnant with you how excited I was to be having a little girl.
Somebody to dress up in dresses and put cute bows in your hair.
I am so glad you are as girly as I envisioned you.
You and I dont get a lot of one on one time anymore now that the
twins are here, but I always try to squeeze time in when I can.
So this night, we went sunset chasing. I told her we were looking for turtles 
alongside the road to get her to want to pose for me :)

Then after that we hit the park for some fun. Her reward...

Scratch that...she got two rewards...because after the sun set and she was done at the park, 
we went to OUR favorite store..(2 hours past her normal bed time mind you)
and bought this amazing mermaid doll that they sell at the registers for $4.99 and are as small as a lighter.
It made her so happy, she even slept with it last night. 

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