Saturday, November 8, 2014

Newborn Pug Puppies, Daisy Baby Photography, Northern Virginia Photographer, Pet Photographer

First off....AWWWWWWW
Second, who doesnt love a puppy?!

We love our furry babies just like our own, so why now give them a 
newborn session as well.

I had such a fun time photographing these pug puppies for their {human} momma.
Pug momma was a little leery of me but I gave her extra snuggles and she allowed
me to continue wrapping her babies and photographing them.

As  pug momma myself (my Piper went to pug Heaven earlier this May) 
I truly enjoyed being with other pugs.

They did so good too, just like human newborns, they wanted to be snuggled,
felt secure and as long as I stroked their little paws and heads, they were happy.

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