Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The daily frame | week 1 | Daisy Baby Photography | Front Royal, Va Photographer

I am apart of am amazing set of photographers who want to share
with you all our daily lives.
Each day we photograph, each day we learn, each day we capture life as we see it.

Here is my week 1: 

Jan 1st, mommy was not feeling it at all this morning, but I had to capture that amazing light


Jan 2nd: I was supposed to be shopping for a birthday dress for me, but instead got you a new pink cup.

                                                                 Jan 3rd....I turned 30...
                                    Jan 4th, determined I wasn't going to have a session today

                                      Jan 5th, We ran through the house singing "LET IT GO"

                                                         Jan 6th, "I not cold mommy"
Jan 7th, This kid really will eat anything 

 Now go check out Alana from  www.redtreephotographyny.com/ and see what her past week looked like


  1. Oh that red face!! What a lovely week, Deanna

  2. I love these Deanna. We live so close. I am in Front Royal every couple weeks picking up my step son. I love all of these images. They are just beautiful. Happy Late Birthday also!! I love that cold snow shot and the perspective of your son eating the pepper.

  3. Great captures of your week! Really enjoyed your blog post & taking part in the Daily Frame with you!

  4. sooo great! my favorite is the outside frozen one -- so awesome!

  5. LOVE. I love the shopping experience. So awesome!