Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week 13 | The Daily Frame | Northern Va Photographer

I am guilty of spending to much time behind the the point where I wont 
interact with the children for fear I will miss the perfect shot of them.
I am trying to change...I made a point NOT to bring my camera outside several days this week...
just so I could sit back and truly enjoy them.
Sometimes I feel being a photographer is a blessing and a curse. We have to find the right balance
and I know many of us struggle with that. 

I have a terrible memory! I have said it time and time again and I feel
photographs are what help me remember the events we had. 

Thank goodness for the Time Hop App 
First thing I do when I wake up is grab my phone and open TimeHop. I cant wait to see
what we did 1 yr ago...or 5 years ago when my oldest was just a baby. It's like all these memories I had forgotten just came flooding back to me. It's almost better then coffee! 

So, please enjoy this weeks memories:

The newness of the car cart wore off and you realized there was candy to your right:

  Aunt Melissa's trampoline has brought you all so much happiness:

Sometimes we just have to force our love on cats: 

Best part of your week:

Daddy is bringing you home your first bike: 

We made a wrong turn on the way to Grammy's but it was so worth it: 

Nourishing your new found love to read: 

With 3 kids, there is always "help" in our house: 

best $12 yardsale acts as a playground for you both: 

Since you could crawl the bottoms of your toes break open and we soak them:
P.S) that dog is so protective of you all. I am amazed at the love and loyalty of the German shepherd breed

Mommy used a chain saw and chopped down a overgrown bush that literally covered the whole side of our house, now it is your fort till I can get it all burned: 
Now go check out the adventures of

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  1. oh my goodness -- such wonderful expressions and points of view!!! love!!!!