Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 16 | The daily Frame | Daisy Baby Photography

This week has been super busy for me with sessions, so I haven't had a lot for time to photograph my own children.
What I was able to capture was my father cutting of 19 inches of his hair.
For those that dont know my father is battling cancer..first thyroid, then lung and now its in the bone
in his hip. Along with Chemo he will be starting a new radiation treatment for his hip 
and since we are all surprised he kept his hair for the chemo we are 99% sure it will fall out with this new treatment.  Dad beat cancer to the punch for once and cut it all off before cancer had
a chance to do it!
So many families are affected by cancer and I ask you take a moment to pray | send good vibes | whatever you can for these families.My dad was and is still one of the strongest men I know!


  1. Oh Deanna, I am so sorry your Dad and your family are going through this very difficult time. I commend you for capturing part of this process when I am sure it is difficult. Definitely sending prayers to your Dad and your family. #fuckcancer Hugs!!

  2. praying for your dad and your family!!! awesome photos to capture a special moment :)