Monday, August 3, 2015

Molly | Senior Photography | Daisy baby Photography | Luray Virginia Photographer

First off...Molly is my "baby" sister.
I always wanted a little sister and when I was around dad & step mom gave me one. I visited my dad every other weekend and seeing her was all I could think about. 
I was in awe of her..she was the most beautiful thing I have ever I had a brother, at this time as well and he was like most brothers..hated dress up, playing dolls and all that girly stuff....
I finally had my own little doll. I started dressing her up in all her cute outfits and posing her and taking her picture when she was just a few months old..these photos have been happening for a long time
 and here I am, photographing her senior portraits and I just can't believe it.
Molly Mc are an amazingly strong woman..we are so much alike.
You are beautiful inside & Out. 

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