Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Star wars Photo Session | Luke & Leia | Daisy Baby Photography | Northern Virginia Photographer

Hearing the news of the death of Carrie Fisher was so upsetting. 
She was an idol to so many women. She taught young girls
they could be a princess yet kick some serious ass.

One of my dear friends who also has boy girl twins is a super big star wars fans.
Last night while texting back and forth talking about how awesome Carrie Fisher was and still is, and how 
it just wont be the same with out her we got to thinking


What better way to show our love, appreciation and sympathy to the star wars world. 
We want to teach our little girls its perfectly acceptable to wear a dress and shoot a blaster and kick some ass if needed! 

I hope everyone enjoys our little photo shoot we had....oh and FYI, we totally had these costumes laying around the house thanks to my mother who made them for my twins recent Luke & Leia birthday party.

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