Thursday, May 14, 2015

Week 19 | The Daily Frame | Daisy Baby Photography

So...I had the most AMAZING week ever!!
My family was lucky enough to go to DisneyWorld.
We had the most magical adventures.

I think my pictures will do the talking...FYI-no way I was only putting 7 pictures in the blog.
I will spare you all the Princess meet and greet photos and stick to the storytelling ones. 

Now head over to see what jasmine keath
has been up to all week!


  1. Deanna, What a fun week!! Looks like everyone had so much fun!! I love all the images. I love the airport and plane ride photos so much. Looking forward to seeing more from your trip.

  2. SO FUN!!! i'm so glad you had a great week, deanna :) great photos, too!!

  3. What an eventful week! So much fun.