Thursday, May 21, 2015

Week 20 | The Daily Frame | Daisy Baby Photography

My week was full of  photographic moments. 
From playing outside, to our regular visits to Emily's cardiologist.
Emily has a condition called Reflex Anoxic Seizures and is medicated to help control her seizures.
Before medication she was have several seizures a week and now we are down to 1 ever 4-6 weeks.
We have talked about a pacemaker for a year now and we are praying and hoping the increase in her meds and additional iron will help and we wont have to go down that road.


  1. Deanna, these are all beautiful. I love that hammock shot and then especially the one of you and your daughter in the doctor office. It is such a comforting moment. Great week full of beautiful light!

  2. Beautiful photos of your sweet little girl :) Hope the meds work!

  3. Beautiful, touching and emotional images...I love every single image. I too hope you don't have to go snow that road....she a beautiful child!